Small Business Rebate Program:

The small business rebate gives money back to small business owners who adopt a solution to a safety problem in their workplace. Investing in safety solutions helps you:

* Prevent accidents, illnesses and costs to your business

* Build safety skills for you and your staff

* Access free safety advice

* Demonstrate to your community that you are serious about workplace health and safety.

To Apply for a rebate:

You must be a small business owner in NSW, with 0-20 full-time employees (or equivalent).

You can claim for more than one safety solution at the same time but can only apply for the rebate once.

Application must be lodged within six months of the date of an eligible WorkCover safety workshop.

Safe business is good business, and our Business Assistance Group offers a range of free services to help small and medium-sized businesses meet their occupational health and safety and workers compensation responsibilities.

Your responsibilities include maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, establishing effective consultation processes with employees, and developing hazard identification and workplace assessment processes.

Workplace advisory visits:

Invite one of our business advisory officers to conduct a frss workplace advisory vistit at a time that suits you. The will provide practical workplace safety and workers compensation advice that is relevant to your business. They will help you identify areas of concern, work through issues, and find solutions to make your business safer.

For more information contact Jay Lewis: